Decorations for a wedding car

A wedding car is not just a medium of transport for the wedding couple; it is a vital part of the whole ceremony taking place. Many time people do not give importance to the task of hiring a wedding car and keep it pending to be done when all other preparations are finished. This can be risky as sometimes when the wedding season is going on, most of the vehicles are booked and your choice may not be available to you as a big disappointment.

In addition to the wedding car model and color, the wedding car decorations are also required to be selected very precisely. Mostly wedding cars Essex have a theme based on which all the decorations of the venue are done. It completes the theme if the car model and color is also selected according to it. Vintage cars are well suited for a wedding based on traditional theme. While for a color based theme, a vehicle of the same color can be chosen. If the vehicle of the same color is not available, another option can be to choose car decorations of the same color.

Different ways to decorate a wedding car are:

• Using flowers and bouquets: Placing flowers and bouquets on the car front are a very common way of decorating the car but this can be done in various unique ways. Fresh flowers always give a refreshing look to the event but artificial flowers made of a glossy stuff like silk can also be used especially if the wedding is a night event.

• Soft toys: Stuffed toys can also be included in the car decorations with flowers. It will give a charming look to the car. The cute red colored vintage car will look even more adorable with soft toys.

• Ribbons: Colorful silk ribbons can also be included in the car decoration accessories. These can be simply fixed in length or can be folded to make beautiful shapes of flowers and bows. Silk ribbons add a very lavish look to the vehicle.

• Net draping: Colored draping made of net can also be used to decorate the front part and the sides of the car. Net cloth is easy to handle and stretchable to make various style flowers. It retains its shape for a long time. Large size tulle bows can be made from different colored net and fixed at the front as well as back to give it a look similar to the bride’s dress.

• Painting messages: Different funny as well as good luck messages can be written on the car front and back using simple marker pen or paint. The wedding couple’s names can also be written on the car for personalization.

• Balloons: Balloons of different colors and shapes can be tied to the side and the top of the car.
Although the companies that provide wedding cars Essex also provide car decoration services but if you want to get the car personalized, you can purchase car decoration kits from the market and decorate the car as you like. This will also save the money charged by the car hire company as the decoration expenses.

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