Discussing Different Penile Conditions And Their Treatments

The size of the penis and its effect on sexual performance is a cause of concern. It's not uncommon to find men wishing for a larger penis with respect to length and girth. There are various other facets that affect a man's sexual performance but the size of the penis has been zeroed in on by men as the primary cause of sexual satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Surprisingly, its men who are more worried about their size, rather than women.

Typically, most men have a normal penis size; however, there is a chance that some of them might be suffering from specific penile conditions, which are characterized by a small penis size.

Micropenis - What is it?

Micropenis, as the name suggests, clinically describes a very small penis size. When a child is born and displays a small penis size, albeit with normal functionality and no functional pain; it should be considered a normal penis. In the world we live in today, there are various health parameters drawn, which also includes the 'acceptable' size of the penis in infants. If the penis size is smaller than normal, medical attention is sought. In full grown men (adults) if their penis displays a decrease of more than 2.5 standard deviations as compared to the average length of the penis with respect to the person's age, the penis is considered to be a 'micropenis'.

It's important to understand the fact that a standard average size with regards to the male population with respect to their age group has been considered and if the length of the penis deviates away (below) the average size, it's called a micropenis.

Causes of micropenis and treatment

This penile condition is result of a difference in the development of the foetus, as compared to normal foetal development. Typically, the causes are hormonal and chromosomal in nature and occur at different stages of foetal development. However, there might be other reasons for the occurrence of this condition. There are many adult men who think they are suffering from this condition, but actually aren't.

A small penis is not a bad penis but size does matter. Therefore, men prefer to take care of this problem. The problem lies in the fact that many treatments on offer need to be undertaken just after birth or when the man is hovering around puberty. Treatment options generally involve the stimulation of penile growth through the use of hormones. For adult males, the use of penis pumps and extenders has also seen to be effective.

Peyronie's disease

The name of this penile condition comes from Francois de la Peyronie who first identified and described the condition way back in 1743. The disease is characterized by the formation of a plaque on both the lower and upper sides of the penis. The development of plaque specifically occurs in those layers that contains the erectile tissue. Its initial development is in the form of localized inflammation but it could end up being a hardened scar.

Erectile dysfunction is a symptom associated with the disease. Though it usually occurs in the middle age, both younger and older men aren't exempt from it. There are no known causes for this disease.

Treatment options for Peyronie's disease

Patients usually seek medical attention as they experience difficulty during intercourse and painful erections. Surgical correction is the common treatment option for this disease. The fact that there are quite a few patients who improve without treatment means that doctors detest using surgical correction preferring to wait for a year or two for the condition to correct itself.

Surgical procedures have been seen to be successful, but some men also choose to insert a rigidity enhancing device for improved erections. Many times, patients also use a penis pump as an associated form of treatment, in order to improve and maintain their erection.

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