A Mystery Has Been Revealed About Premature Ejaculation

Seemingly 30% of men experience the problem of ejaculating prematurely and there is a science behind the mystery it seems. It is thought that premature ejaculation relates back to our ancestors and it is questioned as to whether there would have been advantages to the speed with which one could ejaculate during vaginal intercourse indicating that they could impregnate multiple partners within a shorter period of time.

According to a 1984 theory, young men who had issues with ejaculatory control e.g. more sensitive penises had fewer injuries. Furthermore, they generally lived longer than their long lasting contemporaries. They would therefore have a better chance of being valued as high in status and seeming the more attractive type of man for females.

Recent research in Britain suggests that one in two men are affected by premature ejaculation at one time or another, the most popular culprit being alcohol. Boots have undertaken to complete a survey of 4,500 men. The findings suggest that 19% of men find it difficult to make love when sober and 31% have found it difficult to perform the day after a heavy night of drinking. The sexual problems experienced caused self-esteem issues which in some men made the problem of premature ejaculation worse.

It is incredible that there is so much embarrassment surrounding PE especially considering the number of men affected. The Boots survey uncovered that two thirds of married men would refuse to discuss the problem with their doctor and one eighth of men would never discuss it with anyone. Sometimes women are left feeling like their partners no longer find them attractive. Communication is the key and keeping in mind that such sexual behaviour once indicated virility and attractiveness!

There are ways of handling the problem of PE. Both partners can help to re-train the ejaculation behaviour and this or patience failing, DuraMale pills are a successful treatment not licensed in the UK but certain pharmacies have been given permission to import it by the UK licensing authority. According to data collected from trial studies, men taking DuraMale have experienced substantial improvements in sexual function and ejaculatory control.

Certain online clinics and online pharmacies will have a special license to sell this treatment but they will be regulated by the relevant authorities.

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