Single Moms Get Paid Filling Out Paid Online Surveys

More often than not, a single mother takes on a large responsibility. She works hard to raise her children, take care of the household, and make the money necessary for survival. Working outside of the home often places another financial burden on a single mother for child care expenses. To avoid this extra burden, many single mothers look for ways to work from home to make money. One way that single mothers are making money from home is filling out paid online surveys.

There are many websites on the Internet that have opportunities for single mothers to work from home filling out surveys. To qualify for surveys, single mothers may have to take a qualifying survey to find which surveys would best fit her. These qualifying surveys ask questions about where she shops most, when was the last time she went to the movies, and other similar questions. Once she completes the qualifying surveys, it generates a list of the surveys that she can take part in. Each successfully completed survey will earn her varying amounts of money depending on the company.

Some online surveys require that the person buys a product from a local retailer before filling out the survey. These types of surveys are often called mystery shopper surveys. The single mother will go to the assigned retail store and buy something within the spending limit dictated in the job description. While there she will make mental note of her experience and return home to fill out a survey describing her experience. Companies that offer these types of online surveys will usually reimburse the amount spent as well as pay for completing the survey.

The pay rate that single mothers get paid per survey may seem small and in many cases it is. To make filling out online surveys profitable, single mothers have to take part in large numbers of surveys. Signing up on a single website that pays people for filling out online surveys may or may not offer a sufficient amount of surveys to earn a living. To expand their opportunities to make money, many single mothers will sign up on multiple websites that offer paid online surveys. Single mothers may choose to use one website a day or she may choose to spend time daily on each website she has signed up on.

Working from home filling out online surveys gives single mothers the opportunity to stay home, manage the household, and spend time with her kids. By working from home, she will also avoid having to pay for child care expenses that she would normally incur if she were working outside the home. Making money by filling out online surveys can benefit many more people besides single mothers. It is an opportunity for people with disabilities, elderly people, or other people who cannot work outside the home. All that is needed to start working from home filling out online surveys is a computer, an Internet connection, and the time needed to fill out enough online surveys to make it profitable.

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