Putting Ionized Water To Use As A Cleaning Reagent

If you haven’t heard of the buzz surrounding ionized water devices, you are in for a treat! They have started to reinvent how the average family household goes about their routine in cleaning. From cleaning the house inside and out, to even cleaning the human body, there are many possibilities to consider in using them.

Using a de-ionized water solution lacks the salts and chemicals that your regular tap water probably has. You shouldn’t be washing your car with that type of water- which is why the car wash business exists. You can save money on car washes by instead buying a water de-ionizing machine to make clean water for you. With some soap, the two mixtures together can make the dirtiest of cars crystal clean.

The only thing to remember when working with an alkaline water is that it will quickly lose its properties as soon as a contamination presents itself. The best way to keep your alkaline solution free of contamination is to spray it on the area you want to clean. You may also keep it in a separate bucket, and be careful of how you use it.

We have all at some point noticed a dirty mirror- and have decided to clean it. Experience has thus shown us that using regular water from your sink will only lead to more trouble than what you started with, as the streaking and residue just gets worse. Use an alkaline solution and a cleaner to avoid streaking and to give the mirror a truly deep clean.

Acidic water is also created by a water ionization device. Acidic water is better for disinfecting. In fact, it is used in some hospitals as a method of disinfecting surfaces. It’s great for using on pots, pans, utensils, and around the oven. The hard to clean grime around the oven we all notice can easily be cleaned in just a few sessions. Tough stains can do little to stand up to the might of acidic water.

The healing process is helped through modern medicine. After all, the human body isn’t magic! Use slightly acidic water to douse a scrape or cut in the skin before applying an antiseptic and a bandage. The slightly acidic water will do its job in keep out any bacteria as you look for further treatment. The water has even been used in curing some types of moderate acne.

In Conclusion

Ionized water machines serve many uses, as long as it can do the three basic types of water: alkaline, acidic, and purified. Find a water purification system that does these three things, and you will have no end of methods to put the machine to use.

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