Suggestions for Abortion Clinic Freebies

Everybody loves freebies. Free barbecue, free beer, free pool entrance, free hugs, free kiss, and the list goes on. So why can’t we bring that fun atmosphere to abortion clinics as well? I mean some clinics offer counseling and others give away free condoms. Some even provide TV and old magazines as their ideas of “entertainment.” But seriously, manager of an abortion clinic who is currently reading this rant, can’t you provide your patients with decent freebies? Your patients do pay a lot for your services. At least think of some fun ways to give them (and their chaperons) something reassuring and comforting--or anything, really, to show that you genuinely care.

Juice packs

I know what you are thinking right now. “What? Juice packs? How much do you think we are earning?” yes, I get it. They can be quite expensive to given out as freebies. But hey! You can include that in your marketing package--or something like that. Better yet, you can really just give them for free. It does not matter if you buy the cheap kind. The important thing is that your patients know that you are looking out for their needs. Besides, your patients will not ask for juice packs all at the same time you know. That will be weird. You can be discreet and offer one to the patient who asks for it.


Yes, you have read right. It is about time to teach your patients some safe sex and pregnancy abortion methods--most especially if a particular woman (or two) has already become your abortion clinic’s avid patient. I mean, come on. Can’t you hear that? That’s your conscience calling out to you. And hey, don’t be afraid that you will eventually lose customers. Believe me. There will always be women calling for appointments in your abortion clinic.


Okay. Do you think that a single TV, some old magazines, and yesterday’s paper is entertainment enough for your patients and their chaperones? No, I do not think so. At least be creative and put yourself in your patients’ shoes--especially their chaperones’ shoes. Imagine. They will have to wait for hours on end before their patients are finished with their operation. And then they will have to wait for more while the patients are preparing themselves and their stuff to leave the abortion clinic and go home. Can you imagine the boredom they might feel? Okay. Let’s say that there are gadgets to keep them company, but also know that not everybody can afford such things. Do them a favor and provide some DVDs, books, and updated magazines. Your patients will love you more for that.


Yes, we know that every abortion clinic should have this clinic as a freebie. However, there are clinics that charge for every extra service, including counseling. Worse, other clinics do not offer a counseling service at all. Let me make this as a shout out to every abortion clinic out there. With all the anti-abortion issues bombarding you every year, free services such as counseling can add perfume to your name. Pause for a while and think about that.

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