How Different Parents Treat Their Kids

Being a parent is a lot of work. We all know that. Doing our work the right way in front of our kids is even harder. However, there is a way to have fun while trying to raise our kids. Have you heard about those troll parents? I always imagine that kids with troll dads or moms (or both) have more fun than those with normal, boring parents. For those who do not understand what a troll is, you can find various meanings in the Internet. For your convenience, I will give you the basic meanings. However, if you want to delve deeper, you can always make a research on your own.

There are three popular meanings for the term "troll." The one found in the Merriam-Webster online dictionary is in verb form meaning to move around. The other one is in noun form. This one is a large mythical creature usually found in bridges. The last one is an Internet lingo usually associated with sarcastic people who incite arguments in online discussions. Urban dictionary describes a troll as someone being a prick on the Internet just because he or she can.

These days, the term "troll" is also widely used outside the Internet as well. That's why we have troll dads or moms. Don't be confused. We are not straying away from out topic in hand. I was just laying out the basic meanings so that all of us here can understand my premise. So what do you think? I know that sarcasm is a harsh way to deal with our kids, but done in a mild, controlled manner, it can be pretty effective and enjoyable. Frankly speaking though, not all of us have been gifted the gift of trolling. So even if we wanted to use that method, it won't be effective in individual scenarios.

I have always wondered, what if I grew up with a troll dad? Would I have been more critical of the things around me? You see. A normal dad would promise his kid a brand new car and stay true to his promise. A troll dad would promise his kid the same thing and buy a second-hand car from a car company with a tagline that goes like, "We buy junk cars for cash!" His kid will end up with a beat up, old car instead of brand new for his first ever car.

And you know what? They can still get away with it. They can just dismiss their kid's drama and say something like, "I gave you what I promised. I bought you your first ever car." And they can always get away with it because--surprise, surprise!--they can. Can you see the similarity with these kinds of parents to the Internet trolls? Living with them under one roof could have been full of sarcastic retorts and unexpected pranks. But at least it is not as boring as hell, where you would rather slit your wrist than go on with your ordinary, boring, monotonous life. I am not putting down anyone. I am just presenting something to think about.

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