Fun Summer Project for Your Home

It is the middle of the summer! I guess you would rather find yourself in an exotic beach somewhere in the pacific, lying under coconut trees and sipping drinks with little umbrella on them. Ah . . . That would have been a most refreshing vacation. As it turns out though, you are stuck in your home due to--I don’t know--lack of funds maybe. Or maybe you have a job you can’t leave behind. Your situation might really sick big time, but you don’t have to sulk all summer and drain all the positive energy from the sun. Perhaps these activities can make you enjoy your summer even though you are stuck in your good, old homestead.

Make your garden livelier

If there were one word I can associate with summer, it would be life. Yes, my friend. Life. This is the time for butterflies and flowers and colors and sunshine. If your garden is already a work of art, that’s great! Make it even fuller with life. If it, however, looks like it was abandoned to die a slow, dry death, you need so reevaluation. Do your summer spirit a favor and start working on those grass and flowers.

Make your living room sunnier

Your living room is your family’s common room. Well, of course, there are also other common rooms like the dining room, the kitchen, and the bathroom. However, living room is where you stay for TV time, games of monopoly and jenga, and family quiet time. It helps you feel the summer season more of you also put a summery feel to the room--or to all your other common rooms for that matter. Believe me you won’t need living room, bathroom, or kitchen remodeling to feel that change. A change of curtains and some ornaments and paintings here and there can also do the trick.

Painting in the garage

What are the colors you associate with summer? Shades of yellow, green, blue, pastels? How do you like some art-filled day or even week and paint your garage with the colors of summer? It does not have to be only you, you know. Include the wife and the kids and don’t worry about the outcome of your fun painting moments. Just enjoy them with your family. Who knows? Your garage might turn out to be extraordinary. You know everything done with laughter and bonding always ends up being beautiful.

Have afternoon fun with your lawn sprinklers

Here is another alternative to the salty splashes of the beach water--lawn sprinklers! I mean, they don’t taste salty but they certainly bring us the same giggly feeling beach splashes make us feel. There is no swimming, but you can still run around and chase each other and laugh your hearts out. It is not the place that makes a moment special. It is the feeling of happiness and warmth we share with the moment, the people around us, and yes, even with nature. It does not matter if it is in the beach or in your lawn. What matters is that you have fun.

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