Effectiveness of ERP software for business organizations & its market growth in India

ERP Application is all continuing to move forward to digital and more secure and quicker offices. All the things are done on your computer instantly and stock is handled through it. It helps to control can easily plan and handle all activities related to company and it is very simple to use. It helps you to save some time to extra needless work.

Name of some ERP Application are Time Trim ERP, Navision ERP, Count ERP etc.

Enterprise source preparing (ERP) is company store that allows an organization to use a program of incorporated programs to handle the company. ERP is an company's control program which uses a program program to integrate all aspects of the company, and improve and accomplish the flow of data between critical back-office functions, which may include funding, submission, bookkeeping, stock control, sales, marketing, preparing, hr, production, and other operating models.

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is multi-module transaction-based application software that helps organizations to manage the important parts of the business with efficiency & effectiveness.

Now a day’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems have become a de facto standard (a Latin expression that means "concerning fact.") for integrating business functions. Managerial control over all enterprise resources can be obtained by effective ERP software.

Normally, managers have to spend their most of the time in dealing with crises as they don’t get the proper & sufficient information from their staff regarding their job as they were expected to be done. An effective ERP system can frees up the managers from various operational problems. The mangers get enough time to look & have a control over “what is going on”, without the information seeking becoming an end in itself.

There may be many cases such as shipment to a customer not being made on time, bills not collected, production department not meeting the deadlines etc. These works will not be carried out by an ERP system, as always, people have to do all of the above, but the advantage of an ERP system is that it will enable them to do all this, in a timely, planned and process driven manner.

Also when the CEO of a company wants to know the top strategic objectives for the next year from the Function Head, he can actually get down to defining what those objectives are, and how they will be measured.

Growth of ERP market in India

ERP market is rapidly growing for the last few years in India. Over the past decade, while India has emerged an international player in providing ERP implementation solutions, India localization has also continuingly gained focus and attention within both the ERP vendors and the end users. The main reason for this immense growth can be attributed to the inability of order system to manage the conversion to year 2000.

Times of India Report Says

“Indian manufacturers and natural resources companies will spend Rs 40,800 crore on IT products and services in 2013, an increase of 9.1% over 2012 revenue of Rs 37,400 crore, according to Gartner, Inc. This forecast includes spending by manufacturers and natural resource companies on internal IT (including personnel), hardware, software, external IT services and telecommunications.”

The other factors which are responsible for ERP growth are as industry best practices, easy and faster implementation and good cost predictions. Another factor behind the growth is that already existing clients acquire more licenses and modules.

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