Facing Your Fears About Having An Abortion

So, you have this fear. The kind that makes your palms wet. The kind that makes your sweat colder than the usual. More often than not, it’s also the same kind of fear that profusely knocks on your conscience. One big question then resonates in your head, and that question is: “Will I really do it?” Believe me, everyone who decides on going inside an abortion clinic tackles this kind of fear internally. No matter how high the percentage of women having abortion is, there is still that social stigma that stubbornly sticks to the notion of terminating life inside the womb.

This kind of fear is normal. Perhaps, when you look at the façade of an abortion clinic – let’s say in Washington or Virginia or wherever—you will think of it as a portal to a limbo that will suck you up in guilt and blame after indirectly killing an innocent soul. That is what society has instilled in our heads, which shouldn’t be that way in the first place. More to indirect killing is a no-nonsense way of thinking and decision-making about future finances and health. These negative connotations associated to abortion are only stereotypes that sum up media and society’s poor concept about the whole procedure.

So let us now dissect this whole fear thing and get this over with. When you enter an abortion clinic, do not expect prying eyes that will follow you from the entrance until you reach the receptionist’s desk. Getting yourself an abortion does not give others the go signal to castigate your choices. Besides, among all places, an abortion clinic is one of the safest places you can be in. Most probably, you are not the first one to enter that building, and definitely not the first one to visit with the same purpose. It happens everyday, and the clinic staff makes sure everything goes along to protect your need of privacy.

One fear that may also be running in your head is the consequence you might experience right after undergoing abortion. Do you ever worry about physical or psychological repercussion? If not handled very well, that could be possible. But then again that is what your chosen abortion clinic is for--to help you every step of the way. To reassure you further, laboratory tests are conducted to verify your pregnancy, to check your blood count and to examine your vital signs. Experts always make sure you are physically ready for any medical procedure you are about to take.

Moreover, they also make sure you are prepared psychologically and emotionally. Aside from physical preparation, you also get to psyche yourself up through the help of counselors in abortion clinics. It is a matter of preparing yourself in a holistic manner because undergoing abortion is not as easy as you think it is. It may be considered the fastest way out of the situation, but not really the easiest. It is a stressful journey that needs one’s intellectual and personal involvement. Yeah. Somehow, you could say it is terrifying, but something can be done for you to get away from those fears.

Michelle Jones is the author of this article on abortion clinic. Know more about abortion clinic Virginia here.

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