Go Green

Green is the most balanced color which symbolizes self-respect and growth. It is the color of nature and life and has the ability to change the life force.  We today are living a life which has gone beyond the global warming and will produce worst and poisonous effects on the earth which will be very dangerous for the coming generation. There are various ways to go green by obtaining the methods which includes reducing the amount of plastic used in bagging or cutting down on packaging, by improving the fuel economy, and saving the electricity. Many illiterate people do not understand the fact why people ask them to go green via the communication means such as television, radio, billboards without giving the actual fact of why or how to do so. People do understand the basics things like reducing waste, recycling but they are not provided by the facts and information properly that how it can save our environment. Our website Unplug and Go Green provides the information how to go green and what will be the benefits of going green by doing little steps.

By just following a few things will impact on your daily life, it does not change your life completely but will help to turn the environment green by applying the things such as “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.” If people change a little their life style like going to the nearby place by walk, avoid the plastic water bottles and plastic bags, doing the work more by themselves rather than using the machines or any electric equipment will definitely give a positive result. Do not waste paper as more as it is possible and recycling of the paper will be useful in reducing deforestation.

A single person cannot make a change in the environment; it is the duty of the masses to save our community by Going Green. Our website unplug and go green helps people to know more about what should they do and motivate them with the ideas of how they can change their lifestyle.

Only 1 % of the water is on the earth which is drinkable without any treatment. Many countries do not have the treatment facilities and drinking water there is like committing suicide. The collection of the plastic and wastage is expanding continuously in the oceans and rivers and it is a big thing to worry about

If we want to live a better life we need to change our life style and this could be only done by putting some efforts by educating people about its dangerous impact on the earth, by switching off the light when not in use, recycling paper, saving the water and doing less consumption and  become eco- friendly.

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