Is Abortion Really a Question of Morality?

Are you in the middle of a moral dilemma right now? I am not talking about the popular morality issues like pornography, adultery, or murder. I am talking about a moral issue that affects you greatly as a woman and a mother, something closer to home. I am talking about abortion Virginia. I understand that just by considering the idea bring conflicting emotions and rationalizations that will probably drive a weaker individual to fits of depression. As you may know, depression is not the solution. That black pit will only swallow you whole. Depression will slowly invade your soul while helping absolutely nothing to the predicament you are in.

Choosing abortion Virginia is a tough choice. Deciding on the possible options before is tougher still. There is always a moment when a woman will want to choose to raise her child and see it growing up to become a functional member of the society. However, certain circumstances arise and she is left with very few options. There are just so many examples of these circumstances. The woman may still be too young and ignorant to raise the child. She may have had enough mouths to feed, and she just can’t afford to add another “burden” to her life. She may have been sexually harassed and a child is just too traumatic for her to bear.

These are just a few of the reasons why some women choose abortion Virginia over other options. Now this question appears in front of us--does this make them immoral? Does choosing abortion make these women despicable? They have reasons for choosing this path, but are they not enough? What really are the society’s standards on morality? Are they still as conservative as before? Or have they changed as well along with the times?

Personally, I believe that every person has his or her own standards of morality. One’s perception of right and wrong is not necessarily the same as the person sitting next to him or her in the train. Abortion Virginia may be pure evil to some people, especially to Christians and conservatives. But it is also considered as an option for family planning by some people--something considered as a salvation on totally desperate times. These conflicting views and opinions make abortion a very controversial issue. A woman who choose this method always has her morality questioned by more people than she can handle.

It is true that America is a liberal, democratic country and that abortion Virginia is accepted in most of its states. However, there is still a stigma (no matter how little) to women who undergo abortion. This may not always shown but it is there, so palpable you can almost touch it. Sure, people shrug and say, “Hey, you did the right thing.” However, that woman are forever pegged in their minds as the one who went on an abortion (or several abortions in some occasions). They are branded for life, even if these women are aware of it or not.

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