Five tips for Managing Messy Eaters

A messy eater can be a parent’s worst nightmare, especially if you have taken the time and money to invest in designer baby clothes. From squashing food, smearing it over their clothes, to spitting everything out, babies can make a mess no matter what it is they are wearing. Here are a couple of tips you can use to reduce clean-up time and manage your messy eater.

Change Clothes before the Meal

Changing clothes before a meal can protect any designer items you might have. While it can be nice to have a toddler all dressed up in cool baby clothes for going outside, you can take a basic romper or baby grow and delegate it for mealtimes. When accidents do happen, it won’t be on anything special, expensive, or hard to replace.

Keep Mealtimes as Short as Possible

The longer your toddler is sitting around, the more time he or she has to make a mess. Make sure your baby is hungry before serving the food, and make sure you take the food away as soon as he or she stops eating. Throwing food and smearing are often signs of boredom, so make sure you pay attention. Importantly, you can also break bad habits by taking food away as soon as the baby starts tossing food. Letting him or her go hungry for fifteen minutes will teach a valuable lesson that might eventually sink in.

Serve Small Portions

The smaller the portion, the less likely baby will have anything left to get all over their clothes. Consider serving about half of what you think your baby could eat at most and then if he or she is still hungry later, you can always spoon feed the remaining portions. A great idea is to pay attention to how much food is being eaten before the mess starts and then serve that much.

Don’t Clean Up during the Meal

If you’re constantly chasing after food being thrown or spilled, your baby might start thinking it’s a game. Unless you have company coming over, try avoiding clean-up until after the meal and preferably when the baby is out of the highchair. This disassociates the idea that they can get a reaction out of you by throwing their food.

Mess Proof as Much as Possible

The best way to manage messy eaters is prevention. While you can’t avoid a messy eater, you can help keep mess to a minimum by using single plates with portion or serving holes, Sippy cups and of course, always using thick foods that don’t spill or come off of the fork easily. Oatmeal, macaroni and other thick foods are excellent options for reducing mess.

Whether you’re baby is wearing top of the line cool baby clothes or just something basic, cleaning up can be a hassle. Preventing mess is the best way to make clean-up easier, so make sure you consider why you baby is being messy in the first place.

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Avril James is a frequent contributor for Nappy Head the well-established and fashion conscious baby clothes and quality kids clothing. She has written many articles on childrens fashion and personalised baby gifts.

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