Top Tips When Buying Baby Clothes for Friends

Even though I am a mother of two beautiful children, I always struggle when my friends have a baby or when it is their baby's birthdays. I never know what to buy them, this leaves me stumped.

Recently my friend’s daughter turned one and I bought her the cutest little pull along dog, the ideal gift as she had just started walking. We went along to her first birthday party and when she opened her presents, three of us had purchased the same gift. Well you can imagine the disappointment.

As far as I am concerned I should have stuck to the personalised baby gifts and clothes that I normally purchase. They are unique, one of a kind and they can be fun and something mum can keep even when the child is older as a memory of how small they once were.

Make a Statement

Giving personalised gifts for a baby is a way to make a statement. You can have your own slogan printed on a t-shirt or baby grow, something fun and unique that will be remembered. You want a gift you gift to be used and to offer a good laugh and joy.

The problem when I bought my friend the little pull along dog is that I went against everything I normally believe in, I thought because her daughter had just started walking it would be the ideal gift, it never crossed my mind that so many of the other mothers would have thought the same thing. I could rather have given her something so unique that there is no way anyone else would have given the same gift.

The Stress of Baby Showers

I always find baby showers stressful, it's not the experience as I love spending time with my friends and sharing in their joy of becoming a mother. However, I do stress about the gifts that I give.

A few years ago one of my friends had triplets, yes three babies! Believe me it was chaos, but with new-born designer baby clothes available, I was able to give each baby a unique gift that made their mother to be smile.

It was so much fun, I bought each baby a baby grow with their name on it, while they were not identical, at a young age there was no doubt which baby was which. These funky baby clothes made a huge hit at the party and then I did the same for their first birthday, just this time they each got a T-Shirt in their favourite colour with their names printed on them. What I loved is that they were hand printed so the print didn't just come off in the first wash and still today my friend has those first baby grows as a memento as she watches her triplets grow up so fast.

Choosing gifts for babies can be difficult but with personalised baby gifts available at many online websites, you can always ensure your gift is completely unique and no one else will purchase the same present.
Avril James is a frequent contributor for Nappy Head the well-established and fashion conscious baby clothes and quality kids clothing. She has written many articles on childrens fashion and personalised baby gifts.

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