Sanskrit Devotional Songs

Even in modern-day India, ancient Sanskrit devotional songs are well-loved by devotees. This is a testament to the enduring appeal of bhajans, which are any type of lyrical music expressing devotion and love for the Divine.

The forms with which devotional songs are spread among communities of devotees may have changed with technology but the passion with which these are still sung remains.

This is also true of Hindi devotional songs. It should be emphasized that even those who do not understand a word of Hindi enjoy these songs mainly because of their catchy melodies and rhythms using a wide variety of musical instruments.

Plus, many of the Sanskrit devotional songs are influenced by several Hindi dialects; thus, once you are hooked on the Sanskrit bhajans, you will also appreciate the Hindi bhajans.

Both types of devotional songs are effective tools in attaining peace of mind, enlightenment and unity with the Divine.

These songs free the mind and body in a deeper level beyond their lyrics and their instrumentation, a goal that everybody wants to achieve in the temporal world.

Of course, you can listen to Sanskrit and Hindi devotional songs even when you are not meditating in your home or worshiping the gods and goddesses of the Universe. These songs can truly relax the mind and body even when these are played as background music while you are going about your daily chores.

For example, you may be having a difficult time at the office with deadlines for reports, client presentations and business meetings all vying for your attention.

Just play one of your favourite Sanskrit devotional songs on your iPod, give it your full attention for a few minutes, and then let your stress flow away from your mind and body. Indeed, even just a few minutes of listening to bhajans has been known to relieve stress.

But to get the most benefit from devotional songs, it is best to sit down, take deep breaths and focus your attention on the music. You can play the songs while meditating or doing yoga, which will enhance your experience in both forms of ancient Indian practices.

You will soon find that Sanskrit devotional songs are the best alternatives to the popular songs we so often hear on the radio and on television because of their benefits to your health.

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