Distraction in studies

No teenager is unaware about the fact that their studies have lot to do with their future. They all know how important studies are, for them. Despite knowing that, many students often, don’t perform well. The reason behind not performing well is that they encounter several types of distraction while studying. The only difference between a high ranker and a laggard lies in the way they deal with their distractions. Those who can defeat their distraction can certainly achieve excellence in which ever field he/she is in. Through this article I would try to help out the teenagers to overcome their distractions. They must realize that they are at a very crucial phase of life. Their academic performance in Career Training will leave an impact on their entire life. If you sincerely want to study and are seeking out solutions to overcome your distraction, then this article will certainly help you out.

Basically, there are two types of distractions namely- external and internal distractions. The external distractions are those who are around us and not within. They distract us to a great degree. Here are some of the external distractions which one must defeat in order to study efficiently-

Family: For many students, family members are the biggest cause of distraction. When one studies at home, their family members, their mom, dad, sister, brother, aunts, uncles disturb a lot, whether directly or indirectly. They would often either come to them, start talking or would disturb them by watching TV on loud sound, playing musical instruments etc. Each and every activity they perform creates a different ambience for them which are very much unfavorable for studying. The only solution for this is to ask them to stay quiet while you study. If possible, study either at early morning or late at night when others are asleep.

Cell Phones: According to a recent study most of the teenagers carry a cellphone with them. These cellphones are considered as the biggest cause of distraction, even more than family. Cellphones are no more used for only calling. Cellphones loaded with exciting apps and games become irresistible at times. Especially while studying. If you really want to study, then either switch off your cell or give it to someone for the time being.

Friends: Unless your friends are very studious and helping in nature, which are very few, they can really be painful for you. They often tend to disturb you especially when you are in a mood to study. If you often study in a group then make sure that your peers are studious and don’t waste your time at the name of studies.

Your PC: Your personal computer or laptop might be a big hurdle between you and your studies. Especially for those who pursue Career Courses often tend to start browsing over internet. Many student start off with social networking sites such as tweeter, facebook, etc. They get so addicted to it that they often land up without studying at all.

Other than these external distractions, there are several other internal distractions that must be conquered such as anxiety, self doubt, fear, bad mood etc. One must put them all aside while studying and focus on one and one thing i.e. studies.


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