Argentina Wine

Argentina comprises of almost half of Southern America and is the second largest country of about 2.8 million square kilometers that is present in the south of America. This country is situated between the Andes Mountains on the west and bordered by the Atlantic Ocean in the east. Argentina possesses tall mountains, wide deserts and magnificent waterfalls. It is rich in minerals lead, zinc, tin, copper, iron, manganese, oil and natural gas, lithium, and uranium. Also, the most abundant natural resource is its fertile plains of Pampas.  This country draws tourist and has something unique to offer to each and every traveler. The Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls, Andes Mountains and Vineyards in Mendoza are some locations that attracts tourist the most.

Wine, is another popular element of Argentina and it leads as the fifth largest producer of estate wines in the world. Argentina wines are liked by most people around the world. Most of the vineyards are located at the foothills of the Andes Mountains however there are a few in other parts of Buenos Aires and La Pampa. Mendoza is the largest wine region in Argentina and is situated to the east of the Andes Mountains; this place also attracts a lot of tourist due to hundreds of vineyards that are found in this region. The arid climate that is found in Mendoza is best suited for the growing of grapes. There is sufficient water for irrigation from the snow capped Andes Mountains because the rainfall in Argentina is very moderate and the soil present is mostly alluvial with some portions of clay and sand. Sunny days and warm climate favor to the color and aroma of the grapes.  Malbec is the most prominent grape variety that is planted most of the time with Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay following closely.

The famous Argentina wine tours are a must visit for every tourist which are really interesting and educational. It offers exquisite and pleasant tasting of different wines, the view of the Andes Mountains and the wineries. Some wineries have museums that display the various techniques that were used over the years to current date. Often, wine makers are also present at these wineries and talk about the grapes and the process of wine making. Most wineries also offer lunch on the wineries with foods that pair with wine are preferred and served to the tourist.

A holiday spent in the wineries at Mendoza could provide a lot of fun and adventure making your day worth it. Visiting Argentina can be the most memorable and pleasurable experience in your life.

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