Cake Decoration – Using the Approriate Equipment

Do you want to liven up your plain cheesecakes and tiramisu? Cake decoration is your solution to dull and simple cakes. Adding some designs and decorations can transform any simple pastry into unique and appetizing delicacy.

Contrary to what most beginners think about cake decoration (hard, hard, hard!doing it is easy and requires no high technical skills. Anyone can get started with the right tools and pointers, and create beautiful decorations with some creativity, and perfect the art with practice. Why don't we look at the several methods to get you started.

Before you begin conceptualizing and searching on Google for design ideas, you need to know the tools required for cake decoration. Remember that these recommended tools are not the only ones you will need, but if you are just starting out, they must provide you with basic decorating requirements.

Icing picks

These include small toothpicks and thin metal picks They are the bread and butter of your icing customization. Some common ways of utilizing picks are to cut certain shapes and figures, or make small carvings on the cake top. They are perfect for making tiny indentations or small holes and flower buds. As you venture further into decorating, you'll slowly unveil various interesting ways to make use of these.


Specialized spatulas, one of the core essentials, are your standard "art and craft" tools. Together with picks, you will use spatulas to modify and mold certain shapes. Don't confuse these with the big ones you use for beating cake mix and flipping hot cakes. There are spatulas that are made specifically for cake decoration, so you must have them in your kitchen.

Icing Bags & Tips

The quintessential cake decoration device, an icing bag is what you use to create the core designs on your cake. Fill up your icing bags with colored icings of your choice and you can start adding common structures like flowers to your cake. For a different decoration style, you may get and fix custom-made icing ends on your bag. Many different ones are readily available in supermarkets and cake stores, but to get more kick out of it you can order your customized set to create unique designs and shapes.

One last hint: Always have a baking paper or flat tray accessible. Before you start to pipe a new pattern with your icing bag do a couple of tryouts on the baking paper. If you start with these basics and put in some practice you will be richly rewarded.

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