Jamon Iberico Bellota: The Most Desirable Food Of The Iberian World

Are you looking for a meaty food that can best serve your family members and friends? Are you that somebody who is planning to celebrate birthday or a diligent person who is just promoted from work? Your event calls for a celebration. Offer your colleagues and loved-ones the best ham in the world. This time, there is no need to worry about investing money in luxurious restaurants just to party for a day. You have your skills and you may try venturing in the kitchen to serve them the palatable ham. Here is the information that gives you a gist about its desirable taste:

1. The pigs' cradle

It is important to know where the pigs are raised. The black Iberian pigs are common animals native of Southeast and Southwest Spain. Though these porco de raca alentejana are home grown in Spain, Portugal as well as other neighbouring areas also recognise their excellence in producing hams.

2. Nourishing the pigs

The Iberian pigs are raised with abundance in food. Acorn oaks and helms are their main diet that maintain their health. These acorn oaks and helms are prime producers of acorn grease that spread more in the meaty parts of the pig than the fatty areas. Since the acorn grease sticks with the muscular areas, the ham made out of pork becomes soft, juicy, and tasty.

3. The Slaughter Process

After being raised well with acorns, herbs, grass, and roots, the pigs are trained to solely eat acorns so as to produce excellent Jamon Iberico Bellota. This happens while they are wandering in the oak forest.

4. Food Preservation

The curing process is done right away after the slaughtering of the pigs. For 12 to 36 months of preservation, the hams are salted and dried for several weeks to complete the cycle.

5. Why then should we decide to purchase Jamon Iberico Bellota?

This food is never exclusive for Westerners. Everyone is invited to taste Jamon Iberico Bellota for it is the most liked Iberian ham that is available for all kinds of tastes. The ham's flavour has a unique quality for it is cured within 12 to 36 weeks. If you like serving snacks than formal dinner, then this ham is your accurate partner to sweets.

6. Is it practical?

Jamon Iberico Bellota is available in a considerable price for it has awesome qualities that meet everyone's expectations. Instead of celebrating occasions in finest but expensive restaurants, your skills in cooking ham can be your best attribute for your family members and friends to love. For sure, they love to eat ham. Better use your time in healthy cooking and offer them the best ham with an Iberian taste. As you bond together in a moment of warmth and friendship, the finest taste of Jamon Iberico Bellota leaves wonderful memories with the rest of your loved-ones. There is no risk to take when you taste Jamon Iberico Bellota, the most desirable food of the Iberian World!

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