What You Need to Know About Child Support Modifications in North Carolina

As a way of serving his community ofNorth Carolina, Timothy Porterfield Divorce Lawyer Charlotte based is sharing some important facts about child support modification a and custody orders. With this information, those who are in need of various types of child support modification or modification to custody orders will have a better understanding of what they are facing and how they can achieve a successful outcome.

It is common knowledge that the lives of people change over time. This is true for those who have been through a divorce as equally as it is for those who have not. When circumstances or situations change, court orders may need to change as well. Some examples of the changes that can take place include loss or change of employment, children getting older and needing more (or less) support, and moving from one state to another. Any of these, and many other conditions, can result in a person needing to modify child support or custody orders.

Attorney Timothy Porterfield Mecklenburg County,North Carolinaarea wants readers to further understand that there are two sides to these issues. On the one hand is the party who feels he or she needs to have some element of a divorce agreement changed. On the other hand is the party to whom the change will affect. As you might imagine, parties will not always agree with one another. This is when individuals need the help and guidance of an experienced and qualified family law attorney.

Some of the more contentious issues that family law attorneys can assist in resolving focus on issues such as child visitation, child custody and support, petitions for sole custody, parent relocation issues (when the custodial parent wants to move out of state, taking the children along), and issues that come about when child support or alimony is not paid. These issues can be emotionally charged, as one might imagine. Working with an experienced attorney is a good way to allow calmer heads to get to resolutions that are effective and fair.

In some cases, a family law attorney can help to get these matters resolved without having to go to court. In other cases, going to court is the only option. One important issue to always keep in mind when going to court is that no one can predict the outcome. Each judge will make his or her decisions based on how he or she sees the case in relation to current law. Your chances of winning in court often depend on how strong a case you present, the facts that you submit to the court and your legal standing.

Going to court to settle these types of matters can result in you losing the case! To protect yourself and your rights, always consider working with a qualified family law attorney. These professionals can assist you in a variety of ways, many of which will have a direct impact on your case in court. This is not the time to work alone; not when so much is riding on the outcome.

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