What You Need to Know About Separation and Divorce in North Carolina

In the interest of informing the public about divorce and separation issues inNorth Carolina, Charlotte Family Lawyer Timothy Porterfield offers some suggestions that may benefit anyone who is considering a separation and/or divorce in the state ofNorth Carolina.

Many people do not know it but inNorth Carolinaa married couple cannot get a divorce until they have lived in separate residences for one year. This is an old law and one that may change someday, but for now, it is the law. The truth, however, is that many couples will separate and get on with their individual lives before that one year time period is up. When this happens, it is crucial to have legal advice in order to protect your rights.

One issue that the Mecklenburg County Timothy Porterfield Law Firm wants individuals to understand is the importance of the separation agreement. Many couples ignore or discount this important agreement and that often leads to problems later on. In simple terms, a separation agreement is a binding contract in which the individuals agree on certain issues. These issues vary from one couple to the next, but they often include topics such as child custody, division of assets, division of real estate, and financial support issues. This agreement is in effect during the separation period only and becomes null and void once a final divorce agreement has been achieved.

An important fact that everyone at the Mecklenburg County Timothy Porterfield Law Firm knows is that the word "agreement" when used in this sense means just that. One party cannot force the other party to "agree" to anything that they do not want to. As you might imagine, this is where problems occur. It can be difficult, at times, to get two people to agree on something. This is when having legal representation on your side really pays off as your separation agreement lawyer can help negotiate a mutual agreement that appeals to all those involved.

While negotiation is the preferred method for reaching a separation agreement, sometimes that is not possible. When couples cannot find common ground, they have to move to the next level which is having the matter settled in court.Charlottefamily lawyer Timothy Porterfield wants everyone to understand that this when having legal guidance is imperative if you want to protect your rights and have your side of the issues presented to the judge in a powerful manner. Remember, a legal separation agreement is a binding contract and it can be enforced if needed. It is in your best interest to see to it that your interests are protected.

Calling in a family law attorney is also important for those who need to have a prenuptial agreement drawn up. These agreements can be very useful and helpful should a marriage fall apart. They detail how the property will be divided and address other important issues as well. Again,Charlottefamily lawyer Timothy Porterfield recommends that you seek the assistance of a qualified and experienced attorney when you are considering prenuptial agreements or any other type of family law agreement.

 Before you select a Charlotte Family Lawyer Timothy Porterfield, do your research. Settling on the right Charlotte Custody Attorney Timothy Porterfield is not a task to be taken lightly.


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