Show your Fashion Ideas with the Best College Wear This Time

Being a new college going student, you must have plenty of dreams, as which college wear is good, how to make up your face and which bag to carry and so on. Every time you try one thing, something else would pop up in your mind and confuse you. So decide on a nice dress that can complement your look and is suitable for the college. You can go to nearby stores and find out which of them has a better collection of affordable college clothing then buy one for you.


College wear for both boys and girls have their own set of varieties to suit them, and are in an easy to afford range. It enables students to spend a little bit of their allowances on clothes that are indispensable part to survive in college. You seriously can’t go there looking like an ugly duckling, you have to maintain your persona along with your studies.


Even professors and faculties pay attention to pupils who look decent and nice, ill dressed people deter everyone’s attention. Being decent doesn’t mean that you would dress up like a boring guy or girl. Enjoy the freedom of dressing and select clothes that are allowed by your university or college where you study.


The most needed college wear for a girl are as follows:


1.             A pair of well fit straight or boot-cut jeans

2.             Few tank tops to be worn in summer days and teamed up with hooded tops in winters.

3.             Multicolored or tiny floral printed tops to match with a skirt or jeans

4.             2-3 beautiful knee length skirts in plain or floral prints, they can be fitted or have a slightly broader hem.

5.             Nice belt in a solid color to match with any skirt or jeans

6.             Colorful scarves for the winters

7.             For winter days have nice cardigans, woolen sweaters or a leather jacket in a rich color to make you feel warm

8.             Flip flops for summers and sneakers or boots for winter, hills for that extra fem look.

9.             Socks to match with your shoes

10.          Bracelets, necklace and sets of ear rings to enhance the feminine charm

11.          A classy bag that can hold all your essential accessories with a pair of jeans and tees for emergency.

12.          A beautiful watch to be in time


Guys need to have fewer things than girls but must shop wisely to get the following things:

1.             Jeans of a perfect fit is the life of every college going youth.

2.             Few shirts and t-shirts.

3.             Formal pants for interviews

4.             A tie that can go well with all your formal shirts, so you can mix and match it

5.             Shoes of the perfect size with socks

6.             Nice bracelet and a chain to cast your style statement

7.             Caps, bags and scarves to accessorize your look

8.             A stylish watch to keep tab of time


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