Ask What you Want to Know

Mankind is made up of spirit, soul, and body.  We are spirits living in a body and we have a soul.  Before we were born we were spirits with the God who created us. We were then born in a body to be able to live on planet earth.  When we get to earth, we all have some mind-boggling questions about life, our being, and the universe.  As we grow on earth, some of our questions get answered through reading, through other people, through God’s spirit within us, and other information channels.

But a lot of people bury their unanswered questions in them all through life, and this can lead to misunderstanding. Some of us today do not have positive relationship with God due to misconceptions about Him.  No one person knows everything about God; but we all do know something about Him.  We all know in part about Him. There are truths we all need to know about Him.   The Bible says, “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free (John 8:32).


There is freedom in knowing the truth about something or somebody.  Truth is liberating.  A songwriter said – “I was blind, now I can see.”  Therefore at, we are here to answer those burning questions you have been pondering in your heart about God or Jesus.  When the truth becomes known, it brings light and lightness to the soul.  All of a sudden, heavy burden is lifted off one’s spirit.

The truth is, God wants to be known.  His desire is to be close to us more than a friend.   On the other hand, He wants us to be close to Him.  But how can one be close to someone that one does not understand?  This is why this website was created.


This is to help people get rid of their worrisome ideas and questions about God.  This website is here to help people get a clear picture of who God or Jesus are.  When God and Jesus are truly known, there is peace in our souls.

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