Get Started with Android Application Development for Smart Phones using Linux and Android SDK

Inventive applications for smart Phones are very popular which are providing consistent user interface and platform for software applications. The advanced elements of smart phones like e-mail, Internet, superior video camera, touch screen keyboards and much more, works like as a mini computer with Phone facility. Android developers are very much excited to develop applications with the help of sophisticated hardwares and different software platforms easily. For Android mobile application development the combination of Eclipse and Android SDK provides a powerful Android Virtual Device emulator. Java based Eclipse IDE, Android SDK and a special Eclipse plug-in for Ubuntu and Fedora Linux system called Android Developer Tool (ADT) are required to develop applications.

Android Developers mainly uses the Java language to take advantage of Scripting Layer for Android (SL4A) in mobile application development environment. In Android platform the developers use the Android SDK for writing, testing, debugging and deploying mobile applications. Eclipse IDE is another technology used by the developer for fast, easy and handy Android application development process which is modified and improvised through Android Development tool Plug-ins and increases the opportunities for development and debugging Android mobile applications. Android Emulator is a component which helps in testing and debugging the application on Android device-emulators.

Android SDK is a comprehensive set of development tool for mobile application development. Here are the steps to set up an Android SDK for application Development

  1. Before working with Android SDK, ensure that your development computer should meet the system requirements.

  2. Install JDK (Java Development Toolkit)

  3. Download the SDK starter package from as per your platform. (Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux)

  4. Install the ADT Plug-in for Eclipse.

  5. Create Android Virtual Device (AVD)

Android is an open-source platform based on the core of Linux. The various advantages of Android SDK towards the developers are:

  1. It is an open source but you need to pay less amount to get the full version and easily available for all platforms.

  2. SDK is build with Java so it’s very familiar to use java programming languages.

  3. It will not limit your application within one store.

  4. It is the best platform which gains the popularity among users and developers.

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