Are you interested in knowing the benefits of wrapping your personal vehicle?

Are you trying to advertise your business but you can’t decide if you should buy a new company car, lease a new vehicle, or use you personal vehicle? This information might help. I will break down the pros and cons of each choice in hopes to make your decision process a little easier.

Buying a new company car:

If you have the money to purchase a new car, this might not be such a bad option. Some people like to separate their home vehicle from their company car. That way, depending on your lifestyle, you don’t have to mix work with pleasure. If you are a company that supports green renewable energy but you needed to pick up a friend at their job at a power plant, your company might be judged for being seen at a place that counters what your business does. The main con of this choice is just adding on that second car payment and all that extra gas money!!

Leasing a new car:

Unlike buying a new car, this is a very practical temporary solution. There are a lot of positive reasoning behind this choice. First being that you would only have the wrap on for a short amount of time. Yes, this could be a con for some people but marketing these days keep up to date very frequently. Changing your logo or your website every few years to keep it fresh is a very good thing. Its how most people successfully brand themselves. So, with that being said, if you have a lease for only 3 years that needs to be turned in, that might be a good time to give your wrap an update as well.

One big con with that option is that you need to keep track of your miles with a lease. People with vehicle wrap advertisements want to get as much exposure as possible and to have their ad seen by as many different people as they can. With a lease, that is one thing that might limit you.

Using your own personal car:

Lastly, the pros and cons for using your own personal vehicle directly relate with the other two options. It’s great to have that 100 percent exposure but it does bring up the point mentioned earlier about the separation between work and play. One thing you should consider about this option is that it’s probably your most cost effective choice. You only have one car payment and one car to fix if it were to have any troubles. For this option you should focus mostly on the positives. Think about the long family road trips you can take and the popular events you can attend (like baseball games and concerts). You can enjoy all of these things and more while still advertising your business!!

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