About Romania

Travelling can be an ideal opportunity to meet new people and to visit more or less known places, but how would these places be for a memorable vacation?

Firstly, a country should unfold new pages of history for tourists. When they take their time, escaping from work, business meetings and to and fro rush, they should wish to travel to a place allowing them to discover those pages. A tourist should feel like the one who discovers the undiscovered!

Secondly, every country or region from this planet has its cultural stories. Why not wonder how these stories born? With different heritage and moral values, every nation can offer endless and surprising acts of culture.

In addition, a country with geographical particularities is more appreciated by tourists that want to change their to well-known view. So, why not travel to a country that can guarantee you all of these features?

With the status of a south-eastern European country, Romania is situated near the Black Sea and shares the rest of its borders with Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Ukraine and Moldavia. The tourism here is still developing as there are lots of wild places, so its attractions are numerous and waiting for tourists to come and enjoy them. The sublime geographical features will certainly surprise and spinning  around Romanian culture will offer never-to-be-forgotten moments!

Romania can be named a blessed country as there is a great variety of landforms: plain,  plateau, hill, mountain and even delta. Bărăgan Plain is well-known for its fertility, as it was named the “European granary” years ago. Carpathian Mountains, with heights under 1.6 mi, offer splendid sights, with surprising species of flora and faun. You can still see aurochs (the Romanian “zimbru”) inside special nature reserves, and the black goats, a species protected by law, can be seen on the mountain peaks. Vrancea Hills, once “proud” mountains, are now covered with large vine cultures whice give the prestige of Romanian wines. Danube Delta is the richest European place regarding the faun and flora. Here can be found the most bird species from the entire continent. The Danube channels captivate every tourist’s soul, as they are still wild and untouched by humans, an aquatic paradise in the middle of the abundant vegetation.

Besides the Romanian history filled with heroes who kept the ancestors’ land safe, Romanian people also have many legends, the most famous of all being the one of Dracula. Vlad Ţepeş (Vlad, The Impaler) was an important ruler of people inside this territory and he used to kill his enemies by impaling them. His father was Vlad Dracul (Vlad, The Devil), so Count Dracula is thought to be a descendant of their family. Bran Castle is known to be the ancient house of Dracula. Nowadays, it is in perfect condition and can be visited in Bran, a small town placed in a sublime hollow of the Carpathians.

There are many things to tell and to write about Romania... But one thing is for sure: as a travel destination with a rich cultural, geographical and historical heritage, Romania is among the richest countries in Europe.

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