How to choose your Romanian accountant in Bucharest?

Every entrepreneur who wants his firm a firm or a company to be in legality needs the services of an accountant  or accounting firm services.  Over time, these services have developed and have gained more values. In present, a good accountant should have knowledge of many matters, besides accounting.  Not to tell about a chartered-accountant… To reach the status of a chartered-accountant, one should be examined with regard to his knowledge in law, fiscality, audit, evaluation and accounting. This knowledge makes the difference between the qualitative services offered by those involved in this area. So, the question would be: how can an entrepreneur choose the best accountant for his firm or company? Here is a list of some characteristics that are not usually taken into account, but it is recommended to be kept in mind:

Technical availability – we live in a computerized  world, so make sure the chosen accounting firm has qualified personnel in this matter. Accounting is easier, faster and more precise when suitable technological services are used. The accountant is more efficient when he is a skilled computer user.

Communication availability – the accountant must possess a mobile phone system that should make him 24 hours available for you. Also, he should reply your e-mails as soon as possible. In order to run properly, a firm or a company must have proper permanent communication with the accountant.

Varied portofolio – choose the accountant that deals with firms or companies from different areas, not from a specific one. An accountant with a big portofolio can offer multiple solutions on how to improve the profitability of your business, as he knows many law tips and bridges.

Interaction and communication skills – make sure that your accountant knows how to make himself clear and enjoys human interaction. You will have two major advantages: you will rapidly understand the accountant’s messages and he will be an endless information provider as he knows very well the rest of his clients’ businesses because of his developed communication skills.

Of course these are not the only characteristics you should look for when choosing your accountant, but, from our personal experience, we know that they are truly important. The Romanian clients from Bucharest or Ilfov county are more privileged as there are more available accounting services in Bucharest and Ilfov. For the rest of the country, things can get complicated because there are fewer accountans or accounting firms in their area.

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