Radon Mitigation Company is Acknowledged as One of the Fastest Growing in the USA

It is a fantastic development for this fairly young company the Inc. Magazine has listed S.W.A.T. Environmental as one of the fastest growing companies.

Never before has a radon mitigation company been thus rated and thus a small company has grown from a start up ten years ago to be worth 12million dollars today and is growing steadily as demand for its products and services expands. Inc Magazine Features SWAT Radon Mitigation and lists it as #13 in the environmental category.

It is recognized that Rado which is a colorless odorless but radioactive gas is insidious and it pervades as many as 7.5% of American homes where its presence is a potentially lethal. Many are unaware that lung cancer as a result of breathing Radon was responsible for 21,000 deaths last year; more than attributable to Drunk driving accidents or any other domestic killer. And these deaths are unnecessary as Radon gas and the effects thereof can be safely mitigated while they cannot be easily prevented from entering the home.

Most houses were built without the need to be radon proof being taken into account. Modern buildings in some especially high Radon areas are built to prevent a build up of Radon gas but there are counter measures that can easily be taken to ensure that the dwelling in which you live does not have dangerous levels of radon.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has radon listed it as a radioactive and carcinogenic hazard. It seeps up from the ground having been released by the decomposition of Uranium in granitic areas. Large areas of the USA are radon areas and as many as 1 in 15 homes are estimated to have unacceptable levels of Radon gas.

Another problem with Radon gas is its variety. It may fluctuate in intensity in one part of the house from almost none to a huge and dangerous contamination and then dissipate just as fast. It tends to accumulate in the cooler parts of the day and where the ventilation is poor. If ventilated it will dissipate just like any other gas and its radioactivity halves in strength in under 3 days. But breathing above a certain strength is injurious to one's health.

Before one contracts to mitigate Radon one should test for its presence. There are a number of different tests kits available from any hardware store or you could contact SWAT Environmental who will come along and install test kits in the lowest lived in room in a dwelling,

The kits are sited for a few days and then sent to a laboratory for analysis. IF the result is above 4 pCi/L it is an indicator of Radon in the dwelling and one could immediately decide to play it safe and have SWAT Environmental install a radon mitigation system in your dwelling. You may wish to do a second short term or a long term test but one should certainly be aware that there is a carcinogenic radioactive gas finding its way into your home and a wise move would be to see that it is mitigated.

In a fantastic achievement for a young companyInc Magazine Features SWAT Radon Mitigation enterprize SWAT Environmental on their list of fastest growing companies

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