Improve Your Skills In The Bedroom

If you want to improve skills in the bedroom, the best guidance you get from the person to whom those skills and would like to try. No matter whom you are and what you're half of sexual orientation, the key to good sex is to learn what your partner feels and what he wants and not to imitate the movements of the films that are definitely staged. Research shows that men are more visit porn sites (25 percent, compared to 8 percent of women), and the Council of the title refers primarily to them, writes

love-1Foreplay is very important

In porn films actually take place very quickly, from an ordinary kiss switching to serious sex. In reality, this rate can be very painful and uncomfortable for the woman and can reduce the chances of achieving orgasm. The thrill of a relationship is the key to orgasm. Research from 2014 about sexual touching, excitement and orgasm was confirmed. The chances that women who engage in foreplay without orgasm relationship are much less than those who still have foreplay.

Use lubricants

As a prelude to an important increase in humidity, it may not be enough for some women. Despite the mutual excitement, lubricants for sex can make it less painful and more enjoyable for both partners. It is not surprising that most of the women in porn movies starring orgasms, but bad is that other women feel the need to act. The reason may be that the porn-movies women reach climax after only a few minutes of sex, while in real life the average woman takes about twenty minutes. Men only need between seven and fourteen minutes. This can be improved using pills that preventing premature ejaculation.

Many women can not reach the pinnacle of vaginal intercourse

A national survey of sexual health and behavior, Western University, found that some women need different sexual acts in order to reach its peak. The analysis of more than 55 studies in the past eighty years, it was revealed that only 22-27 percent of women experience orgasm during vaginal intercourse - regardless of how he runs, what is the size of your partner's penis or what is the mental condition of the woman. One way to increase your chances is the stimulation of the clitoris, and although in porn movies men usually do rough and fast, gentle touches a lead to orgasm. Women may improve their chance for orgasm using HerSolution pills, better known as Viagra for women.

Not all boils down to orgasm

Excessive stimulation yet often can prevent orgasm. Therefore, in regular connections to every ten male orgasms come about eight women, and in the short term "schemes" twice less. Orgasm is not the only part of sex, which is important. Most women are burdened by his achievement, which can only hamper the achievement of the summit. You need to relax and enjoy sex.

You do not have to constantly change positions

Sex is not an Olympic competition where you need to win. A key component to achieving orgasm is that if something feels good, continue to do that, without changing the pose on every couple of minutes.

Longer, harder or bigger is not always better

How is the key to achieve orgasm in women clitoral stimulation, the size of sex organ is not as important as proficiency in the use of fingers, tongue or sex toys.

Not all women enjoy oral sex

Probably not so surprising that most women do not like that performing oral sex. What is perhaps surprising is that many women do not like not to be the person who is performing oral sex.

However, do not use the above data as an excuse not to "return the favor".

Use different moves (to different people)

When stimulation of the clitoris, it has been shown that women have an orgasm during a diagonal movement. However, it varies from person to person. The movements may be circular, with multiple fingers or even gently tapping.

Not all pillow talks has to be "dirty"

Although a "dirty" talk can be an exciting, can sometimes sounds ridiculous. Talk during sex is important, as recent research has proven, but the conversation does not need man to be "dirty".

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