The Pleasure Remains

Semen amount, or semen volume is very important in man's sex life. Te ability to increase semen quantity using volume pills or special diet is important to older men.

Ejaculation in men between the ages of 51 and 90 years begins to wane, reduces the number of sperm, but the orgasm still offers satisfaction. Research has shown that some men in that age do not need every time to ejaculate during sexual intercourse, while the pleasure of lovemaking is same as before. Changes are happening in the refractory period. Refractory period is the time between two ejaculations, i.e. the time it takes for a man to ejaculate again. Men at his early 20's use to have refractory period measured in minutes (usually 5-10 minutes), but man at his seventies, use to have this period 24 hours or maybe more. The man in the seventies will not be able to ejaculate several times a day, but will be able to ejaculate several times a week.

It is important to mention that age and unhealthy lifestyle use to bring diseases, but also affect sexual life. For example, drugs for high blood pressure can cause erectile dysfunction. Diabetes can cause certain changes in the blood vessels that may affect the rigidity of the penis, but if a man leads a healthy life, the proper food and regular exercise, can be expected not to have health problems that will significantly affect his sexual function. There are men prone to taking drugs to help achieve an erection (like Sildenafil and Tadalafil). If man cannot feel side effects, if the drug is well tolerated, it's good to take this pills, of course, with regular consultation with doctors. Last decade offered alternative to most common ED drugs. One of the most famous solution is VigRX Plus. You can find this pills here.

Sperm count can be increased by using the vitamin C. Man used to consume 200 mg of vitamin C every day, has a chance to increase sperm count up to 24 percent, and sperm mobility up to 18 percent. Likewise, this therapy may increase the number of sperm that remain alive for another 24 hours after ejaculation. Consuming vitamin C is especially important for men who smoke and wish well to their spermatozoa, because smoking releases lot of free radicals that adversely affect the operation of the testes and make permanent sperm damage. Against that process is good to use vitamin C. But smokers and non-smokers must consume, vitamin E and beta-carotene to fight against sperm damage. Smoker who smokes about 20 cigarettes per day has up to 40 percent less vitamin C in the blood, than non-smokers with similar life habits. Their sperm cells are outnumbered, less mobile and they use to "shoot the blanks" more than non smokers. On the other hand, they use to "shoot" less often than non-smokers. Only strong and healthy sperm can penetrate and fertilize the egg .

The more sperm man ejaculate, the more time for orgasm is needed. Long lasting orgasm and healthy sperm is the key to success. Herbal volume pills increase sperm volume up to five times (up to 500%). More volume and better motility is the key to success even if man don't want to have more children.

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