This Is The Secret Of Multiple Orgasms

Women are often unable to experience multiple orgasms. First of all, learn the definition of multiple orgasms. Sexual climaxes known as orgasms experienced more than once, in a single sexual act are count as multiple orgasms. The good news is that women are more likely to experience this kind of experience than you think. There are three types, namely the "single connected" when there is no pause between the individual, "consecutive" , between which it may take two to three minutes , and the "standard", which occurs after only a few seconds.

1 ) The knowledge of sexual attraction
Women who have high self-esteem, autonomy and are capable of empathy, are more likely to enjoy sex than the other. If a woman during intercourse has feelings of shame or guilt, are unlikely to have an orgasm.

2 ) Know how to help herself
It may be helpful if the woman herself first try to experience multiple orgasms, because it is not under pressure that he would be disappointed if they do not reach climax. During this exercises it may happen that women find a zone that is not expected to be erogenous.

3 ) Know the erogenous zones
The famous " G" spot is not only safe to achieve multiple orgasms. Experts say that there are 10 different places whose stimulation can lead to sexual climax.

4 ) Good timing
The greater chance that women may experience multiple orgasms is when she is relaxed. So, over the weekend, on a holiday, these chances are bigger, because there are less things to distract woman's mind and routine. Timing may also apply in this category: To adjust the rhythm with her partner during sex. Slower movement and more uniform rhythm of pelvis will not only lead to faster orgasm achievement, but it can extend it.

5 ) Humidity
Women must avoid vaginal dryness, because vagina becomes insensitive to stimulation. It is necessary that woman sexual organ must be sufficiently moist. If this is not achieved in a natural way, there are numerous lubricant on the market.

6 ) Equipment
One of the techniques that lead to orgasm, in the missionary position, when the breasts closer to your partner's shoulders . In this way, the female clitoris, is in contact with the pubic bone of man. As in this and in other positions women can itself stimulate the clitoris.

7 ) Position
When a woman raised her hips and pelvis, this act shortens the vaginal canal, so that less-endowed partner can give her pleasure . It is enough for a woman to put a pillow under the lower part of the body.

8 ) Relax
If woman constantly think about how to achieve multiple orgasms, and if, when she fail in this, feel defeated and despondent, it's hard to ever succeed. It is important to relax and not thinking at all about it, and just let yourself enjoy in the love act.

9) Sexual enhancement pills

The safest and most satisfying way to reach multiply orgasms is longer intercourse. Men usually has no stamina to last longer in sex. Volume pills and sexual enhancement pills like VigRX Plus pills might help. With the right stimulus, man can be a real marathon runner in bed. Sharing a bed with him is the safest way to multiply orgasms, for sure.

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