How Yoga Improves Sex Life?

Nothing relieves stress like sex. In addition to relaxing the nerves and releases hormones of happiness, activity among sheet encourages the immune system and ultimately, allows you to live longer.

The positive effects of yoga:

Strengthening the external muscles
It's hard to keep all these unique poses that are practiced in yoga. This may help you have more flexible and stronger muscles, which thus receive will repair your stamina in bed.
Best asanas for this are dog who looks down and crow.

Stronger internal muscles
Yoga tones the whole body , but is particularly focused on the muscles of the inner wall of the pelvis , which are important for your pleasure and your partner during sex .
Mula bandha yoga exercises , known as Kegel , are aimed precisely at this area. If you do not know what those muscles , imagine you someone enters the bathroom while you're on the cup . Muscles that discipline in this moment are precisely those that should be focused . Mula Bandha exercises you can work up to 90 minutes , and at any place .

If you want to be creative in the bedroom , you do not have to have sex toys . Just good varied body that can be placed in any pose.

Better confidence
When you realize how powerful and beautiful your body, the energy collected in yoga can encourage you to Otero any uncertainty and allow yourself to enjoy sex .

Improved awareness
When you practice living in the moment , which advocates yoga , you'll note that you can easily deal with stress , to be calmer and happier . In addition , you will be more aware of every moment you spend with your partner in bed, and it will lead to a much more pleasant experience .


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